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2017—2018学年上期期末考试 高中一年级 英语 参考答案 一、选择题(1-60): 1.C 2.B 3.A 4.B 5.A 6.C 7.B 8.A 9.C 10.A 11.B 12.C 13.B 14.C 15.A 16.C 17.B 18.A 19.A 20.C 21.C 22.A 23.D 24.B 25.A 26.D 27.C 28.A 29.D 30.A 31.B 32.B 33.A 34.C 35.D 36.A 37.B 38.G 39.F 40.E 41.C 42.D 43.A 44.B 45.C 46.A 47.D 48.B 49.B 50.A 51.D 52.C 53.A 54.B 55.D 56.C 57.B 58.D 59.A 60.C 二、英语知识运用第二节(61-70): 61. exploded 62. hours 63. and 64. to survive 65. will / shall find 66. extremely 67. At 68. which 69. was taken 70. including 三、短文改错:  Last Saturday I took ∧ bike trip to the nature park together with three of my friends in the                     71. a breeze (微风), there we went for sighting. In the forest, we saw a number of plant and knew a lot          72. where                                          73. plants about them. And then we go to a patch of grass that was full of wild flowers. We lay in the sun 74. went quietly, enjoyed the fresh air. The sight was very amazing that we didn’t want to leave. We talked    75. enjoying                     76. so             about our experiences happy and played several childhood games. Later, we had photos taken 77. happily together and rode back to home. 78 It was really an unforgettable weekend because they learned a lot about plants. With addition,  79. we                     80. In we relaxed ourselves by enjoying the beauty of nature. (注:第75题若在enjoyed前加and,第76题若在that前加so或把that改为so,亦可。) 四、书面表达: Possible Version I Recently I made a survey on the new license number-plate restrictions which have been adopted in our city since January 1, 2018. Many people agree that the system, to some extent, has reduced the environment pollution and relieved the pressure of transportation. However, every coin has two sides. Many car owners complain that it is annoying that they are not allowed to drive their own cars, especially when something is urgent. In my opinion, for the benefit of the public, it is worthwhile to sacrifice part of personal convenience. However, I think it will be better if the government provides more means of public transportation for citizens and reduce the fares. Possible Version II In order to reduce air pollution and heavy traffic, our city has started to carry out the new license number-plate restrictions since January 1, 2018. I conducted a survey on it recently. Many people support the traffic control restrictions. Since the plan was put into effect, there have been few vehicles on the roads and the cities have been less crowded. More importantly, the air is cleaner and fresher. However, some people feel it a little inconvenient when they can’t use their private cars as usual. I think the restrictions are quite necessary, and I strongly support them. Our government should improve the public transportation to satisfy the growing needs of people so that everyone can enjoy an easy life. 评卷细则 一、机器阅卷部分(共100分) 听力:1-20题,共20小题,每小题1.5分,共计30分。 阅读理解:21-40题,共20小题,每小题2分,共计40分。 完形填空:41-60题,共20小题,每小题1.5分,共计30分。 二、人工阅卷部分(共50分) (一)英语知识运用第二节(语法填空) 61-70题,共10小题,每小题1.5分,共计15分。 1.单词拼写正确、形式正确,每小题给1.5分。 2.英、美拼写及词汇用法均可接受。 3.若只写出单词的原形,但形式不正确,不给分。 4.若单词的大、小写字母出错,不给分。 5.若书写较差以致影响评判,不给分。 6.若不在指定答题位置答题,不给分。 7.若用铅笔答题,不给分。 (二)短文改错 本题共10个小题,每小题1分,共计10分。 1.每找准一处错误,改错符号正确、答案正确、且答案写在指定的位置,给1分,不能出现给半分的现象。只允许修改10处错误,多者(从第11处起)不计分。 2.若找准错误,改错符号正确,但答案不正确,不给分。 3.每处错误及其修改均仅限一词,若与此不符,不给分。 4.若找准错误,答案正确,但改错符号不正确,或没有改错符号,或答案未写在指定的位置,不给分。 5.若单词的大、小写字母出错,不给分。 6.若一处错误用两种改错符号,不给分。 7.用文字表述答案,或不用指定符号改错,不给分。 8.凡与该题参考答案不符者,不给分。 9.用铅笔答题,不给分。 注意: 1.给分前,先确定考生改正的错误个数。若多于10处,只评前10处,从第11处起,无论考生答对与否,均不给分。 2.若考生未找够10个错误,按其改正的正确处的个数给分。 3.若考生修改的错误顺序与答案不符,但改错的数量在10个以内,按其改正的正确处的个数给分。 4.修改作答内容时,需要消除(或划掉)改错标示符号和作答内容,否则按照已经作答处理。 (三)书面表达 1.评分原则 (1)本题总分为25分,按5个档次给分。 (2)评分时,首先根据文章的内容和语言初步确定其所属档次,然后以该档次的要求来衡量,确定或调整档次,最后给分。 (3)词数少于80和多于120的,从总分中减去2分。 (4)评分时,应注意的主要内容为:内容要点、应用词汇和语法结构的数量和准确性、上下文的连贯性及语言的得体性。 (5)拼写与标点符号是语言准确性的一个方面,评分时,应视其对交际的影响程度予以考虑。英、美拼写及词汇用法均可接受。 (6)如果书写较差,以致影响交际,将分数降低一个档次。 (7)如果时态出错较多,从得分中扣除3-5分。 (8)用铅笔答题,不给分。 2.各档次的给分范围和要求 (1)第五档:21—25分。 完全达到了试题规定的任务,完全达到了预期的写作目的。 ●覆盖所有内容要点。 ●应用了较多的语法结构和词汇。 ●语法结构或词汇方面有些许错误,但为尽力使用较复杂的结构或较高级词汇所致。 ●具备较强的语言应用能力。 ●有效地使用了语句间的连接成分,使全文结构紧凑。 (2)第四档:16—20分。 完全达到了试题规定的任务,达到了预期的写作目的。 ●虽漏掉1、2个次重点,但覆盖所有主要内容。 ●应用的语法结构和词汇能满足任务的要求。 ●语法结构或词汇方面应用基本准确,些许错误主要是因尝试较复杂的语法结构或词汇所致。 ●应用简单的语句间的连接成分,使全文结构紧凑。 (3)第三档:11—15分。 基本完成了试题规定的任务,整体而言,基本达到了预期的写作目的。 ●虽漏掉一些内容,但覆盖所有主要内容。 ●应用的语法结构和词汇能满足任务的要求。 ●有一些语法结构或词汇方面的错误,但不影响理解。 ●应用简单的语句间的连接成分,使全文内容连贯。 (4)第二档:6—10分。 未恰当完成试题规定的任务,信息未能清楚地传达给读者。 ●漏掉或未描述清楚一些主要内容,写了一些无关的内容。 ●语法结构单调、词汇项目有限。 ●有一些语法结构方面的错误,影响对写作内容的理解。 ●较少使用语句间的连接成分,内容缺少连贯性。 (5)第一档:1—5分。 未完成试题规定的任务,信息未能传达给读者。 ●明显遗漏主要内容,写了一些无关内容,原因可能是未理解试题要求。 ●语法结构单调、词汇项目有限。 ●有较多语法结构或词汇方面的错误,影响对写作内容的理解。 ●缺乏语句间的连接成分,内容不连贯。 (6)0分 未能传达给读者任何信息:内容太少,无法评判;写的内容均与所要求的内容无关或所写内容无法看清。